Smart Clinic 2.0

An initiative of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (dIAP Program)

In association with NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited and

National Cancer Tisssue Bio-bank, IIT Madras

dIAP’s Smart Clinic 2.0 initiative is an out-patient clinic program that will empower pediatric clinics across the country to solve some critically fundamental problems in child health.  Smart Clinic 2.0 is currently in pilot mode and the pilot is operational in 50 pediatric clinics in Thane. Once we have successful outcomes in the pilot, dIAP will make it available to all pediatricians across India in phases.

The purpose of the Smart Clinic 2.0 initiative is to provide member pediatricians across the country with the training and tools:    

• To enhance growth and development outcomes of children 

• For early detection of serious but treatable conditions  

The Smart Clinic 2.0 initiative will also include a last mile digitisation technology platform (“NSDL e-Gov Health”) to enhance the practice of the member pediatricians. NSDL e-Gov Health includes: 

• A service ordering platform for patient medical services

• A digital practice management and diagnostic support system 

• Virtual clinic and tele-consultation system