Smart Clinic 2.0

An initiative of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (dIAP Program)

In association with NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (Now Protean e-Gov)


National Cancer Tissue Bio-bank, IIT Madras

dIAP’s Smart Clinic 2.0 initiative is a national specialist advice and specialised services program for out-patient clinics. 

The initiative will empower general pediatric clinics nationwide with specialist capabilities and specialist advice programs for the prevention, early diagnosis, local treatment, and timely referral of a wide range of conditions.

The purpose of the Smart Clinic 2.0 initiative is to provide member pediatricians across the country with the training and tools to enhance growth and development outcomes of children by:

  • Early detection of serious but treatable conditions by providing diagnostic support to the doctors at the point of care, combined with doctor personalized patient engagement tools and doctor personalized patient education from IAP
  • Local treatment of straightforward cases and timely referral under specialist advice 
  • Specialized services from general pediatrics clinics for disease prevention and the management of chronic conditions
  • Training from IAP on red flags and best practices for local therapy under expert advice 

The initial set of programs will be made available to IAP members all over India in January 2022. Currently available programs include pediatric oncology, inborn errors of immunity (pediatric immunodeficiency), dietary assessments and interventions, and behavioral & neurodevelopment.