Behavioral and Neuro Development (BND) Program

Behavioural and Neuro Development (BND) Program enables pediatric clinics to prescribe developmental needs assessment and development programs to special needs children. About 10% of children have special needs. Most pediatric clinics are unable to provide developmental assistance. The program looks to solve this problem.

The BND program includes:

  1. New National Red Flag Guidelines published by IAP to detect the need for a behavioral and neuro-development assessment.
  2. Training on the red flag guidelines to pediatricians by IAP.
  3. Access to developmental pediatricians and organisational service providers who meet IAP standards.
  4. Patient education, supporting the pediatrician to reassure and help the mothers understand the problem and the importance of intervention.
  5. All service providers are encouraged to involve the pediatrician in counselling and care.

New Horizons Child Development Centre is the first service provider under the BND Program to deliver a proprietary behavioural and neuro-developmental assessment and intervention service (BND (NH)). The science and methodology adopted by the BND (NH) program has been approved by IAP. The process of the BND (NH) program is given below.

Disclaimer: Services under the BND Program are provided by a service providers who declare that they conform to the standards & the science and methodology approved by IAP. IAP is not the service provider of any of the services under the BND Program and is therefore not liable for any advice or any action of the service providers.