Behavioural and Neuro Development (BND) Program

About 10% of children have special needs; however, most general pediatric clinics are unable to provide developmental assessments or therapy.

Under Behavioural and Neuro Development (BND) Program, pediatricians receive red-flag screening tools on the Specialist Advice System. These include pre-consultation and self assessment tools, along with a diagnostic support system which points out red flag signs for the pediatrician.  

Developmental pediatricians and qualifying behavioural and neurodevelopment services are available on the system, so that pediatricians can consult them or make referrals under specialist advice.

The BND program includes:

  1. New National Red Flag Guidelines published by IAP to identify the need for a behavioral and neuro-development assessment.

The red flag guidelines indicating the need for behavioural and neuro-developmental assessment are available here:

  1. Training on the red flag guidelines to pediatricians by IAP.
  2. Access to developmental pediatricians and organisational service providers who meet IAP standards.
  3. Patient education, supporting the pediatrician to reassure and help the mothers understand the problem and the importance of intervention.
  4. All service providers are encouraged to involve the pediatrician in counselling and care.

Currently the Behavioural and Neuro Development services are available on the system from developmental pediatricians and service providers whose methodology is approved by IAP.

New Horizons(NH) is the first service provider and their IAP approved science and methodology is available at this link:

Other services providers may apply to join the program and offer their services by clicking here and filling up the form. 

The service can only be used by doctors and clinics who are already registered on the system. Any IAP member may receive the system by clicking here and filling up the enquiry form. 

Developmental pediatricians, experts or services providers may also apply to provide their services to doctors on the system by clicking here and filling up the enquiry form.

Disclaimer: All services on the specialist advice and specialized services system are provided by independent experts and service providers. Any qualifying expert or service provider may join the system to deliver the services. IAP does not provide any service whatsoever on the system & is not liable directly or indirectly for any information or service provided on the system.