Dietary Assessments and Meal planning

Over 90% of children suffer from some or other dietary deficiencies, often leading to acute and chronic lifelong problems.  Most pediatric clinics are unable to provide dietary assessments for their patients and provide sustainable dietary solutions (meal plans). 

Under this program, pediatricians receive a red-flag screening system by which they can send pre-consultation and self assessment forms to their patients and the system points out the red flags. Pediatricians can then prescribe a dietary assessment and meal plan by a pediatric nutritionist or a dietary assessment services provider on the system.

The  Dietary assessments and meal planning includes:

  1. New National Red Flag Guidelines published by IAP to detect the need for a nutritional assessment.

    The red flag guidelines indicating the need for nutritional assessment are available here:

  1. Training on the red flag guidelines to pediatricians by IAP.

  2. To know more about the science and methodology click here

  1. Eligibility criteria and standards for Dietary assessments and meal planning service providers.
  2. Patient education, supporting the pediatrician to enhance compliance by mothers.

Currently Dietary assessments and meal planning services are available on the system from pediatric nutritionists, experts from the IAP Nutrition Chapter and from services providers like Fitterfly.

The service can only be used by doctors and clinics who are already registered on the system.

Any IAP member may receive the system by clicking here and filling up the enquiry form.

Pediatric nutritionists, experts or services providers may also apply to provide their services to doctors on the system by clicking here and filling up the enquiry form.

Disclaimer: All services on the specialist advice and specialized services system are provided by independent experts and service providers. Any qualifying expert or service provider may join the system to deliver the services. IAP does not provide any service whatsoever on the system & is not liable directly or indirectly for any information or service provided on the system.