How to use the specialist advice system

The specialist advice system includes a rule engine which surfaces red flags based on reported symptoms. The system has self assessment tools for common conditions, which the pediatrician may send to their patients, and these use the rule engine to show up red flags.

Whenever any red flags are noticed which may require specialist intervention or advice, the doctors are advised to first get specialist advice by discussing the case with a specialist. 

This will enable two things :

  1. The specialist may recommend an investigation or a course of action that enables early diagnosis and local treatment.
  2. Timely referral as advised by the specialist.

The specialist advice system includes the following tools to help the doctors to identify such red flags :

  1. Red flag guidelines will be published for each subspecialty
  2. Red flags are highlighted by the system based on reported symptoms or the results of self assessment forms
  3. Lectures from IAP experts for each subspecialty on the red flag signs and best practices for local care under specialist advice 
  4. The mobile application of the specialist advice system will prompt the doctor during consultation if any specialist advice is recommended, if a symptom/red flag is noticed. 

Doctors access and use specialist advice even without using the mobile application. Any IAP member may receive the system by clicking here and filling up the enquiry form.

Disclaimer: All services on the specialist advice and specialized services system are provided by independent experts and service providers. Any qualifying expert or service provider may join the system to deliver the services. IAP does not provide any service whatsoever on the system & is not liable directly or indirectly for any information or service provided on the system.