Nutrition Assessment and Advisory Program (NAAP)

NAAP will enable pediatric clinics to conduct nutritional assessments and deliver sustainable nutrition solutions.

Over 90% of children suffer from deficiencies, often leading to acute and chronic lifelong problems. While guidelines exist for doctors to identify nutritional deficiencies, there were no guidelines to indicate the need for a nutritional assessment. Further, most pediatric clinics were unable to provide nutritional assessments or sustainable nutrition advice.

The NAAP includes:

  1. New National Red Flag Guidelines published by IAP to detect the need for a nutritional assessment.
  2. Training on the red flag guidelines to pediatricians by IAP.
  3. Science and methodology for the NAAP program which includes: conducting a nutritional assessment, delivering a whole food kitchen, culture and family friendly meal plan solution & ensuring enhanced compliance by mothers.
  4. Eligibility criteria and standards for NAAP service providers.
  5. Patient education, supporting the pediatrician to enhance compliance by mothers.

Disclaimer: The NAAP services are provided by service providers who declare that they conform to the standards & the science and methodology approved by IAP. IAP is not the service provider of NAAP & is therefore not liable for any advice or any action of such service provider/s.