Overview of Specialist Advice System

dIAP’s Specialist Advice System for General Pediatrics clinics enables early diagnosis, local treatment & management of straightforward cases and timely referrals under specialist advice.

The system includes: 

▪  Tools to identify red flags that may need specialist advice. 

▪  Specialist advice for all paediatric subspecialties. 

Enabling General Pediatrics clinics with:

▪  Early diagnosis and local treatment under specialist advice.

▪  Timely referrals as advised by the specialist.

The dIAP specialist advice system is supported by technology from Protean (formerly NSDL e-Gov), India’s leading eGovernance institution 

This transformative initiative aims to transform India’s healthcare by expanding specialist capacity and bringing specialist care to outpatient clinics

The following specialist advice programs are currently available with more specialties to follow soon:

▪  Respiratory

▪  Infectious Diseases

▪  Primary Immunodeficiency

▪  Pediatric Oncology

▪  Pediatric Nutrition