Partnering with SIEI

To achieve its objectives faster, IAP invites the participation of organizations and individuals in the public sector, development sector, and the private sector to empanel themselves for the following :

  1. Red Flags Training: If you wish to train HCP’s on IAP’s red flag guidelines to detect inborn errors of immunity, you can empanel yourself by (Clicking Here.) You may enroll HCPs on IAP’s DCOE platform to undergo free of cost training on the red flag guidelines.
  2. Sample Collection and Diagnostics: If you are an accredited laboratory, a pediatric surgeon, an imaging lab, or a phlebotomist service, you can empanel yourself to deliver your services to the SIEI program. Your services will be offered to our pediatricians in your area. (Click Here) to empanel yourself.
  3. Health Insurance Companies: If you wish to investigate opportunities to offer inborn errors of immunity/ primary immunodeficiency and treatment insurance products to all the children visiting our pediatricians, please write to us by (Clicking Here). Our pediatricians and the children they treat represent a vast market for you. In turn, the patients will benefit from insurance products that make diagnostics and treatment affordable for all. We will be happy to help you get the data required by you to price insurance products for inborn errors of immunity/ primary immunodeficiency.
  4. Foundations and CSR programs interested in supporting inborn errors of immunity: some of the children who exhibit red flag signs and require diagnostics and specialist advice may not afford the cost of the diagnostics or the specialist fees. Also, some of the children diagnosed with inborn errors of immunity/ primary immunodeficiency may not be able to afford the cost of treatment. If you wish to support such children with financial assistance, please (Click Here). The SIEI program will alert you to such cases and will be grateful for your support.