Pediatric Pulmonology

Chronic respiratory diseases which include Asthma, Lung Cancer and COPD are some of the important causes of morbidity and a huge health burden that adversely affect the socioeconomic development of the country because of direct treatment cost and indirect cost due to missed school days, hospitalization, lost days in parents job and more. 

About 1 in 3 children seen by general pediatricians show signs of wheezing. However, Childhood asthma is often underdiagnosed, undertreated, or inappropriately managed for many reasons.

Studies have shown that most of the parents have a poor understanding of respiratory diseases such as Asthma and have a lack of knowledge about benefits of long-term inhaled medications.

The respiratory specialist advice system aims at enhancing the reach and capacity of specialists by enabling them to manage cases with the help of general pediatricians at the last mile. It will enable early diagnosis and appropriate local treatment by the pediatrician under the advice of the specialist.

Respiratory specialists and members of Respiratory Chapter of IAP may join the program and make their services available to general pediatricians by clicking here and filling up the enquiry form.

The program includes:

  1. Self assessment tools and education videos which the pediatrician may use with the patients.
  2. Training on Red Flags by IAP (To be available soon)
  3. Specialists from the IAP respiratory chapter accessible through the system for consultation

Disclaimer: All services on the specialist advice and specialized services system are provided by independent experts and service providers. Any qualifying expert or service provider may join the system to deliver the services. IAP does not provide any service whatsoever on the system & is not liable directly or indirectly for any information or service provided on the system.