Spot Inborn Errors of Immunity (SIEI) Program

The Spot Inborn Errors of Immunity (“SIEI”) program is an initiative by Indian Academy of Pediatrics to create a nationally available program for the early detection and diagnosis of inborn errors of immunity in children.

It aims to solve the problem of over 95% of treatable inborn errors of immunity cases remaining undiagnosed, leading to morbidities and death.

The SIEI program is a joint initiative of CIAP and the Hematology and Oncology Chapter of IAP.

The SIEI program includes:

  1. New National Red Flag Guidelines published by IAP for early detection of inborn errors of immunity/ primary immunodeficiency.

2. Training on Red Flag Guidelines to the pediatricians by IAP.

3. Tele-access to pediatric immunologists/ hematologists who are mapped to pediatric clinics by IAP.

4. End to end diagnostic capabilities fulfilled by NCTB and other locally available laboratories.

5. Children diagnosed with inborn errors of immunity/ primary immunodeficiency are referred to pediatric immunologists/ hematologists.

Disclaimer: The SIEI services are provided by independent service providers. IAP is not the service provider of SIEI & is therefore not liable for any advice or any action of such service provider/s.