Terms & Conditions for Dietary Assessment

Terms and Conditions of use of the Specialist Advice, Specialised Services, Patient Engagement and Last-Mile healthcare system (“System”)

You affirm that you are a registered medical practitioner and are therefore eligible to use the system for the benefit of your patients.

You acknowledge that all services on the system and the system itself are provided by individual third party services providers who will contract with you separately that you are a Party to this Agreement.

You acknowledge that Indian Academy of Pediatrics (“IAP”) is not a services provider to you or a service provider on the system and is not liable for any of the services available to you or used by you on the system. IAP’s role is limited to advice to the service providers and introducing you to them. IAP is not a Party to this Agreement.

  • The services on the system

The services consist of – medical services, technology services, a technology platform, patient education and engagement content, personalised portal and promotional services for your personalised portal

  • Services providers (“Services Providers” or “Parties”)
  1. Medical services – from various Medical Services Providers – specialists, laboratories and other services providers
    1. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of services of each such service provider. Each service provider is liable to the extent permissible in law for the services provided by them.
    2. You understand that Inditech has no liability for the services provided by any of the medical services providers. In addition, Inditech does not provide medical consultation or medical services or medical advice.
  1. Medical Services Operator – Inditech Technology Services Pvt Ltd (“Inditech”) –
    • Inditech is the Medical Services Operator and is responsible for curating medical services and supporting the services providers, you and your patients to get medical services from the Medical Services Providers.  To this effect, Medical Services Operator operates support and communication touch points with you including telephonic, web based, messaging, in-person etc.
  • Diagnostic support information, which includes patient education, diagnostic recommendations, medical guidelines and algorithms, patient engagement tools like pre-consultation and self-assessment forms
  1. Diagnostic support information is from third parties whose services are used and whose content may be licensed by Inditech for the technology platform. 
  2. Each of those services providers are liable to you and to your patients for the accuracy of the information.
  3. Inditech is not liable for the accuracy of the information provided by such service providers.  
  4. Inditech is not liable for the accuracy or safety of the information provided by third party websites/applications for which navigation links may be available on the system. You follow the links to any such third-party website /applications entirely at your own risk
  • Limitation of Liability
  1. Indian Academy of Pediatrics is not a service provider and is not liable for any service provided by the system or by any service provider associated with the system.
  2. Each service provider is liable only for the services they provide.
  3. Doctors are liable for the advice they have given to patients, either directly to the Patient or via another Doctor. Inditech is not liable for the advice given by doctors to patients, or by doctors to other doctors on the system.
  • Payments, Cancellations and Refunds Policy
  1. All payments are collected on the system by a collection agent (“Collection Agent”) via a payment gateway services provider. The current collection agent is Inditech but this may change from time to time.
  2. Any order placed on the system for any services may be cancelled as per the cancellation policy of the medical services providers providing that service.
  3. On cancellation, if the cancelled order is eligible for a refund as per the cancellation policy of the medical services providers, the Collection Agent will refund the money to the payor within 15 business days from the date of the cancellation request, on receiving instructions from the Medical Services Operator.
  4. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change from time to time. The Medical Services Operator shall inform you whenever such changes are made.
  • Other
  1. From time to time, new services may be added or existing services may be enhanced on the System. For services provided and used by You or your patients, the information you provide will be used to facilitate the service requested. The information may also be stored to assist the Medical Sservices Operator to make the System better and easier for You to use.
  2. You agree to conform to the existing medical and ethical guidelines while using the system.
  • Law and jurisdiction
  1. All disputes arising between the Parties as to the interpretation, operation, or effect of any clause in this agreement or any other difference arising between the parties, which cannot be mutually resolved, shall be referred to arbitration. The location of arbitration shall be Mumbai. The language of arbitration shall be English.
  2. The Arbitration shall be conducted by a sole arbitrator who shall be appointed by the mutual consent of the Parties.
  3. Any litigation between the Parties arising out of this Agreement or the relationship shall be commenced, prosecuted and defended exclusively in Courts in Mumbai.